Malaga National Police offer some important guidelines to make safe purchases on Black Friday. francis silva.
Eight top tips from Spain's National Police to ensure safe shopping this Black Friday

Eight top tips from Spain's National Police to ensure safe shopping this Black Friday

Many cybercriminals take advantage of this date to deceive their victims when the number of virtual purchases and electronic transfers in shops increase

Rossel Aparicio


Friday, 25 November 2022, 10:15


Spain's National Police force has issued eight simple guidelines to help keep buyers safe this Black Friday.

1: Never use public Wi-Fi when shopping

Never connect the device from which you are going to make the purchase to a public Wi-Fi network as communications can be intercepted by a cybercriminal during the purchase process.

2: Update your antivirus program

It is important that your computer or smartphone has an updated operating system and is protected with an antivirus program.

3: Use common sense

If you see spelling mistakes on a website or it looks questionable, do not proceed. If in doubt, do not carry out the transaction.

4: Be wary of great bargains

Always be wary of bargains. If it looks too good to be true, it may well be a hoax. Check the opinions of other buyers on the website.

5: Make sure it's a secure website

Another fundamental guideline to avoid becoming a victim of a scam is to make sure that the website is a secure site. Check that the website URL has HTTPS protocols and check that the padlock icon appears in the address bar of the browser. If you are suspicious of the page, and suspect that it could be fake, use tools that are offered for free on the internet that will point out the most important points to detect a fake website.

6: Check your bank statemets

Check regularly that the charges received correspond to the purchases made and use intermediate payment platforms such as prepaid cards.

7: Two-step security

It is advisable to use two-step security to approve transactions. Such security includes having a code your bank sends to your mobile phone to confirm the transaction.

8: Do not lose the proof of purchase

Always keep your receipts or proof of transactions made. These are very useful in the event of a claim involving defective products or products that do not meet expectations.


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