Banking sector in Spain adapts to elderly customers with more extended opening hours

Banking sector in Spain adapts to elderly customers with more extended opening hours


The move comes as 91 per cent of cash machines have been adapted to help and some 70,000 workers have been trained to assist older or disabled customers

E. Martínez


Wednesday, 8 March 2023

In one year, banks in Spain have doubled the number of branches that operate with extended opening hours to adapt to the needs of the elderly or disabled, according to an annual report by banking associations.

The Spanish banking association (AEB), the Spanish confederation of savings banks (CECA) and the national union of credit cooperatives (Unacc) said that 81 per cent of all branches had longer opening hours than 9am to 2pm by the end of 2022, twice as many as in 2021.

They also stated that the banking sector has trained 70,000 employees, almost half of the workforce, to provide specialised and adapted service to the elderly or disabled.

The banking organisations also said that a focus has been placed on the personalised telephone service. Since the implementation of the measures, some 2.4 million calls from customers over the age of 65 have been handled by telephone, an average of 6,575 calls per day.

Also, 91 per cent of the total cash machine network is adapted for the elderly and more than 80 per cent of the institutions have adapted their digital channels with simplified language and visual elements, both on the web and on mobile phones.

On Thursday 9 March the deputy prime minister and finance minister Nadia Calviño will meet with the banks to review the application of the three codes of good practice adopted in the last year and the possibility of taking additional measures or introducing changes.



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