Atlantic storm train on track to hit mainland Spain this week
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Atlantic storm train on track to hit mainland Spain this week

One, with "possible subtropical overtones", could deposit more than 100mm of rain in less than 48 hours in some parts of the country, according to the weather experts at Meteored



Sunday, 15 October 2023, 09:38


At last, the rain in Spain is back again. Weak and scattered rainfall started to affect much of the mainland on Saturday (14 October) and temperatures dropped, particularly noticeably, in the northern and eastern areas. Meanwhile the weather alerts for high temperatures remained in place in several areas of the Canary Islands, Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) reported.

The good news is that yesterday's rain was just an appetiser of the weather that will hit the whole of Spain next week. "An Atlantic storm train is about to set course for the Iberian peninsula after a long time. You have to go back many months to find something similar heading to our country", said the specialist weather portal Meteored. "In our forecasting model we see three or four storms arriving here, but we have to pay special attention to one of them, the one that could arrive during the early hours of Tuesday morning. A few days ago our weather modelling system ago gave it a "special" significance label due to the subtropical aspect that it was taking on at times", warned Juan José Villena, an expert from the specialist portal.

Meteored, therefore, does not rule out that this phenomenon could be accompanied by "clouds of great vertical development with the potential to leave strong storms".

The question is, which areas will be most affected by such a storm train?

Villena said: "Everything points to the western areas of the mainland being the ones that will end up with the greatest accumulations of precipitation. Some areas of the Pyrenees will also be affected. Rainfall will be less significant the closer we get to the southeast of the mainland. Taking all this into account, we should not be surprised by the significant accumulated rainfall expected in the west of the Andalucía region, the Central System, the Huesca Pyrenees and a large part of the northwest quadrant of the mainland. These areas could receive more than 100mm in less than 48 hours," he said.

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