Hunting dogs to be excluded from the law.

Spain's new animal welfare law up in the air due to political differences

Podemos accuses the Socialists of breaking an agreement after PSOE added an amendment to exclude hunting dogs


The fate of Spain's animal welfare law remains has stalled after the PSOE and Unidas Podemos politicial parties have been unable to settle their differences. The Socialists added a disputed amendment to exclude hunting dogs from the protection provided by the proposed animal welfare law.

On Wednesday morning, Podemos announced a pact between both parties to require the autonomous regions to adapt their animal protection regulations to the law promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. But that did not materialise.

"This morning we reached an agreement with the PSOE on the Animal Welfare Law. The PSOE has made a proposal to Unidas Podemos that we have accepted. For reasons unknown to us, after signing their own proposal, the PSOE has gone back on it and said they are going to renege on the agreement. We are concerned that the PSOE is thinking of dropping the first Animal Welfare Law in the country and we hope that they will reconsider their decision," the Secretary of State for Agenda 2023, Lilith Verstrynge, said on Wednesday afternoon in Congress.

The Socialists denied that the disputed issue had been resolved and said that Unidas Podemos "rushed into announcing an agreement that after various readings could generate clear legal uncertainty". They also said that they are not going to leave aside "the rural environment and a sector that is so important for the economy of our country".

The Socialists will maintain the amendment on the law that their coalition partner considers "extremely serious". PSOE said that "it is in the hands of Unidas Podemos to unblock the law with a broad consensus that includes the rural community".