Councillor José Navarro in the town hall Elche council
Spanish councillor denies having sex under a religious image at Easter but admits he was drunk

Spanish councillor denies having sex under a religious image at Easter but admits he was drunk

The Elche town hall official has launched legal action due to the seriousness of the accusations

Adrián Mazón

Friday, 12 April 2024, 15:04


Two weeks after Holy Week a controversy has surfaced in the Spanish town of Elche in Alicante province, where a councillor was accused of having sex under one of the floats on which religious images are carried in procession.

A brotherhood claimed councillor José Navarro had sex beneath the image in a church on the day it was set to be used in a procession. Navarro has denied the allegations and launched legal action. "I have not committed any sexual act of any kind inside the church," he said. "I have filed a complaint with the court (from 2 April 2024) against those who have spread this malicious rumour, which I deny and for which there is no proof, nor any complaint."

While denying he had sex in the church, Navarro did admit to being drunk that day following a dinner with friends. "I apologise to my family, to my brotherhood, to my fellow councillors and to all those who know me for my inappropriate behaviour that day inside the church," he said in a statement. After the controversy surfaced on Wednesday 10 April, the councillor confessed, "I have expressed my repentance to those responsible for the church and the brotherhood." Navarro has also officially left the brotherhood in order "not to tarnish its name" over the accusations.

The councillor also said: "I want to totally disassociate the mayor of Elche and the municipal government team from my behaviour, to whom I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart. The mayor has criticised my behaviour and asked me to apologise to the parish priest and the brotherhood."

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