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Airbnb takes action to prevent disruptive New Year's Eve parties in Spain

Airbnb takes action to prevent disruptive New Year's Eve parties in Spain

Last year the holiday rental giant blocked 600 bookings on the Costa del Sol alone

Pilar MALAGA.Martínez

Tuesday, 13 December 2022


Holiday rental giant Airbnb is taking action to prevent clients holding rowdy New Year's Eve parties in the properties they have rented this year. Last year it did the same and prevented 600 bookings being made in Malaga city and Marbella.

The company says these new rules, which are in force in 11 countries including Spain, were trialled last year and they work by blocking reservations from clients who do not have positive reviews as guests and who try to book entire properties just for the night of 31 December. This year action will also be taken against people whose behaviour is deemed suspicious if they try repeatedly to book two or three nights.

15% reduction in incidents

"We believe the move has contributed to a 15% reduction in incidents relating to New Year’s Eve parties since 2020,” sources at Airbnb said. “It has been welcomed by hosts with properties on the website, and is part of our aim to continue promoting responsible travel”.

Technology has become the best ally for this type of control. In fact, advances have made it possible for bookings to be analysed in detail to identify risks and reduce the incidence of unauthorised parties taking place.

Airbnb Operations Director Naba Banerjee said that reservations are made all over the world through the platform every night and the company knows that most clients treat the properties and local residents with respect. However, “these measures help to encourage responsible travel and prevent occasional cases of undesirable behaviour, so that hosts, guests and communities can enjoy their New Year celebrations in peace of mind," she said.




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