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Aena reveals date for new scanners that will speed up airport security in Spain

Aena reveals date for new scanners that will speed up airport security in Spain


The latest technology, capable of generating 3D images, will mean passengers no longer having to unpack liquids and electronic devices from hand luggage

Pilar Martínez


Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 13:17


Spain's national airports operator Aena has announced a date for an overhaul of current security measures for passengers. In 2024, new equipment with the latest scanning technology able to generate 3D images will be implemented in Madrid and Barcelona, meaning passengers will no longer have to remove all liquids and electronics from carry-on luggage. Once the new system is active and operating in Madrid and Barcelona it will be rolled out to Palma de Mallorca and Malaga airports next.

Spanish airports without the new systems will have to maintain the current security controls.

Aena announced that from 2018 to 2028, they will have invested 1,170 million euros in physical security at their airports, with the renewal of hold baggage inspection equipment and security filters.

Travelling with liquids and electronic devices without the need to unpack your hand luggage will be possible once state-of-the-art technology systems are installed. New automated lines for the management of hand luggage, called ATRS, and a remote inspection mechanism, will also help speed up security at the airport.

Aena explained that the first of the systems allows the separation of suspicious suitcases, while the remote inspection allows baggage control to be carried out from a room, without the need for the security guard to be physically present.

The project represents a revolution in the increasingly complicated transit through airports, keeping security as a priority while increasing the comfort of passengers.

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