The Lola's Copas team, led by Francis Ordoñez, prepares to open Lolita's. SIX
Malaga's LGBT scene expands: Lola's Copas opens new venue in Plaza San Francisco

Malaga's LGBT scene expands: Lola's Copas opens new venue in Plaza San Francisco

Lolita's has been born with the aim of being the new meeting point for the gay community in the city

Víctor Rojas


Friday, 3 May 2024, 05:33


Malaga is not a city known for its wide range of LGBT venues, but the truth is that there are more and more leisure options available for this community. Until now, they have been concentrated around Plaza de la Merced and, specifically, in Calle San Juan de Letrán, where Lola's Copas is located. But this establishment has now launched a new bar, Lolita's, which will be located in Plaza San Francisco. This new bar is where The Club MLG is located, a venue where LGBT parties are organised, such as the 'No Bollodrama Party'.

There is still no official date for the inauguration of Lolita's, but its team is already working to open before the end of May. The bar will be larger than Lola's Copas, which "has become too small", the owner of the business, Francis Ordoñez, explained to SIX. However, this bar will remain open with one of its main attractions: Friday night bingo, as well as the good atmosphere that is usually found there.

Lolita's will become the new meeting point for the LGBT community in Malaga and will have as the key to its success the essence of keeping up to date. A larger venue open from Wednesday to Sunday and with the artists of the house, Shayla 007 and Suhaula Conache, this new bar will be open daily from 6pm to midnight, and on weekends, from 4pm to 3am, with the intention of implementing the concept of a late-night bar where the first hours are coffee and cake, and later on, alcoholic drinks.

In almost three years, Lola's Copas has become a benchmark for LGBT entertainment in Malaga thanks to the trust between staff and customers, the good reception given to new customers and the presence of its artistes, who every weekend give a fun and special touch to the bar. But this is not the only entertainment, because Lola's Copas has sought another concept in which the staff mingle, interact and have fun with the customers.

Still without opening its doors, Lolita's already looks set to be a success, just as Lola's Copas has been since it opened. It is worth remembering that this business, in just two years, was the most searched LGBT bar in Malaga on Google, according to the website

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