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Traffic violations are rife in Malaga
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Traffic violations are rife in Malaga

People with cars in the city do whatever the hell they want, and get away with it. They forget about the elderly residents with walking difficulties and parents with pushchairs, writes columnist Ignacio Lillo

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 28 June 2024, 16:52

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I can understand that the Local Police are short-staffed and in fact have called for more recruitment. Given the shortage of personnel, those who are there have to concentrate on what is most urgent. But the situation is becoming unbearable. Traffic violations are a constant in the streets, and not even walking on the pavements is safe anymore: at any moment someone can decide to park right where you are, and you have to put up with it.

People with cars in Malaga do whatever the hell they want, and get away with it. Near my house, there's a popular bakery that's always open. I won't mention their name because it's not their fault that their customers are so uncivil, but on the short stretch leading to the establishment, you can see rows of cars lined up on the pedestrian area.

They forget about the elderly residents with walking difficulties and parents with pushchairs. Not to mention that they block the entrances and exits of residential buildings.

Dangerous situations arise because pedestrians have to step into the road to get past. And it's not just for 'a minute,' which is the usual excuse from those who ignore the rules. I've seen cars parked there for hours, and no-one does anything.

This is just one example, but on my daily commute through to work, always on my motorcycle, there isn't a day when I don't see a catalogue of at least a hundred different fineable traffic offences. As I said before, I know there are few police officers and they are overwhelmed, but if they let me attach a camera to the front of my bike, I assure you that in one week, the fines would pay for all the extra summer shifts.

Double parking is practically another form of parking, so much so that the DGT is considering including it in the Traffic Code for Malagueños: parallel parking, angle parking, and with hazard lights on. On some streets, you have to slalom, weaving from one lane to another because there are cars stopped on both sides!

Then there's the one who parks on the bike lane because they feel entitled, forcing poor cyclists to fight either with pedestrians or with motor vehicles, and I'm not sure which is worse.

Not to mention those who talk on their mobile phones, which are numerous; speeding down narrow one-way streets; or outright showing off with reckless driving.

The streets are full of dangerous traffic violations, which no one seems to want to remedy.

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