Businesses rally with crisis cash, supplies and logistical support

Banks are donating.
Banks are donating. / SUR
  • BBVA, Santander and Inditex are among firms coordinating support to help Spain through the coronavirus outbreak

Many companies, from international names to local firms, are making significant donations to help during the coronavirus crisis.

Banking giant BBVA has said it will donate 25 million euros in the countries where it has operations. This week it planned to hand over medical equipment, ventilators and masks to Spanish health authorities.

Santander will also follow suit with donations, as well as reductions in pay for top directors. Some of the largest firms are coordinating their support to avoid duplication.

Meanwhile, clothing-giant and owner of Zara, Inditex, is to donate 300,000 masks and has opened up it logistics network to help governments if needed.

Mercadona and other supermarket and restaurant chains have strengthened their support programmes for local food banks.