Spanish ministers discuss contingency plans for Brexit, including UK citizens' rights

The acting PM (c) discusses Brexit measures with ministers.
The acting PM (c) discusses Brexit measures with ministers. / EP
  • Madrid has gone over the arrangements promising rights to residency, healthcare and work if the UK does the same for Spanish people in Britain

The government has said it is ready to face negative fallout of a no-deal Brexit, after a meeting of ministers with acting PM, Pedro Sánchez on Thursday.

Last March, Spanish MPs approved a Royal Decree that prepared the country for the possibility of Britain leaving the EU with no agreement, including the protection of the health care and residency rights of UK citizens in Spain for a period and while a longer-term deal could be negotiated. An expat should register as an EU resident now, and the UK will have to reciprocate for Spaniards in Britain for it to apply.

Meeting this week, ministers went over the provisions of the decree and more meetings will be held with Spain's autonomous regions. A further aim of the contingency measures is to, "make sure commerce continues to flow".