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Will there be more rain this weekend in Malaga and along the Costa del Sol?

Will there be more rain this weekend in Malaga and along the Costa del Sol?

State weather agency Aemet is warning more storms could be on the way, and it is very likely more bad weather alerts will be activated

Ignacio Lillo / Almudena Nogués


Friday, 19 May 2023, 17:28


More rain is forecast for Malaga this weekend after the province received its first downpours in 80 days yesterday, Thursday 18 May.

The chance of showers in Malaga city ranges between 5% from 6pm on Saturday, 20 May and 85% from noon on Saturday until the early hours of Sunday. The occasional heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms will continue through until next Tuesday or Wednesday, according to Aemet.

The state weather agency forecasts that Saturday will start with cloudy intervals and a maximum of around 19C. At midday, until 6pm, the possibility of showers in Malaga increases to 85%. They will likely be light, and could be accompanied by thunderstorms.

The evening will be more stable, with only a 5% chance of showers. The mercury will drop to around 15 degrees.

Forecasters warn the weather conditions on Sunday could be similar to yesterday. There is a 75-80% chance of storms could occur anywhere in the province. A spokesperson for the Aemet weather centre in Malaga said it is likely bad weather warnings will be activated again. "It is a very uncertain situation and that is why we have to watch it day by day," he added. The minimum temperature will be around 15 degrees and the maximum will be 21 degrees.

On Monday and Tuesday, Aemet also forecasts rain. Temperatures will remain cooler than usual for this time of year, between 20 to 22 degrees.

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