Will Malaga and the Costa del Sol be spared from this weekend's episode of unusually high temperatures in Spain?
Weather forecast

Will Malaga and the Costa del Sol be spared from this weekend's episode of unusually high temperatures in Spain?

State weather agency, Aemet, has warned that the maximum temperatures could be up to 10C higher than normal for the time of year

Almudena Nogués


Friday, 29 September 2023, 15:45

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Spain is preparing to experience a weekend of summer-like temperatures, with abnormal temperatures for the time of year that will leave "historic highs", according to the state weather agency Aemet.

The forecast suggests that the so-called 'San Miguel summer' will leave temperatures of up to ten degrees higher than usual for this time of the year due to the presence of "a stationary anticyclone" that will lead to stable weather throughout the country. "A small depression, coming from tropical latitudes, will move to the west of the Canary Islands and the mainland, leading to the entry of a mass of warm, dry air of Saharan origin," the state agency pointed out.

The biggest increases in temperatures this Friday are expected mainly in the western half of the mainland with the probability of reaching 36-38ºC in the Guadalquivir valley and other parts of the southwest of the country.

And in Malaga province? The good news is that for the moment the Aemet forecast leaves the province out of this episode of sweltering heat, with much milder highs than those forecast in other parts of Andalucía, such as Seville and Cordoba.

"Malaga and the province will be spared from the high temperatures which start today, Friday, and which are likely to end on Monday. The areas where it will be hottest will be the Guadalquivir valley and the inland areas of the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. In some parts of Andalucía it could reach 37 and 38 degrees", explained José Luis Escudero in his SUR blog 'Tormentas y rayos' (Storms and lightning).

Highs in the Guadalhorce valley

For now, Aemet forecasts that the mercury in Malaga province at the weekend will be between 27 and 28C. On Monday it could rise to 29. The minimum temperatures will also be high, not falling below 20-21 degrees. The highest temperatures will be in areas in the Guadalhorce valley such as Pizarra, where it could reach 31 degrees this Sunday.

In addition, in the case of Andalusia, from today, Friday, until Sunday, strong gusts of easterly winds - of between 50 and 61 km/h (force 7) - are expected in the Strait of Gibraltar and along the coast of Cadiz, where a yellow warning for coastal phenomena will be activated this afternoon and will last until the early hours of Sunday.

Aemet expects the temperature increase to end in the middle of next week, the first week of October, when the low to the west of the Canary Islands moves away.

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