Temperatures are on the rise again, with a forecast of 37C in Malaga province and possible Saharan dust in places

Warnings for sweltering heat, rough seas or storms are in place in seven Spanish provinces on this first Monday in July

Isabel Méndez


Monday, 4 July 2022, 09:48


The heat is going to be quite fierce, this first Monday of July in parts of Malaga province. The hottest temperatures will be in Antequera, where the State weather agency Aemet is forecasting a high of 37C, while those in Ronda can expect 34C.

In Malaga city and the rest of the province temperatures will be around 30C, with low cloud everywhere and mist and fog on the coast of the Axarquía. There could also be some airborne dust from the Sahara desert, which is known as calima.

The winds will be light and variable and the minimum temperatures will remain the same (the highest will be in Malaga city, at 22C).

Yellow warnings

Elsewhere in Spain, seven provinces are subject to a yellow warning for high temperatures, high waves and storms, although there will be clear skies over most of the country.

The highest temperatures will affect Valencia, Lérida, Albacete, Mallorca, Menorca and Zaragoza, where they are likely to reach 38C in the middle of the day.

In Navarra, on the other hand, there will be storms and even hail cannot be ruled out this Monday morning. Force 7 north-easterly winds will put La Coruña at risk of high waves all day.

In the Balearic and Canary Islands the skies will be mainly clear except in the north of the Canaries, where there could be some weak rain. Aemet is also warning of calima in the Balearics, the south-east of the península and Melilla.

Temperatures will drop in the far north of Spain and rise in south-eastern Andalucía and the central Canary Islands. There will be little change elsewhere.

Winds will be from the north-east in Gaiacia and Cantabria, and northerly in the northern meseta and the Canaries, with blustery intervals on the Galician coast.

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