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What does the weather forecast for the Costa del Sol and Malaga province have in store this week?

What does the weather forecast for the Costa del Sol and Malaga province have in store this week?

It is expected to be a mixed bag, starting off with a 90% chance of rain, but temperatures approaching 30C could be seen in coastal areas by the weekend

Enrique Miranda


Monday, 6 March 2023, 07:57


It will be a week of contrasts in terms of the weather in Malaga province, which will go from seeing the rain return to enjoying the more spring-like temperatures. The so-called meteorological spring is already here, with mild temperatures at the start of March that on the Malaga coast could approach 30C by the weekend.

The week will start with rain this Monday and Tuesday, although erratically in different parts of the province. The Atlantic front that has reached the Spanish mainland has already left light rainfall in Malaga on Sunday. It arrived through the west of the country and is moving to the east, so the rains this Monday will be more likely in the western areas of the province and in the afternoon.

In Malaga city and in the coastal towns, the state weather agency, Aemet, gives a 90% probability of rain at short notice, while in Ronda and Antequera there is more possibility of light showers throughout the day. The skies will be very cloudy and there will be a light west wind. The temperatures will be mild; the maximum will exceed 20 degrees on the coast and inland the interior the minimum will be on the rise, with 8 degrees forecast in Ronda and Antequera.

The forecast for this Monday, 6 March.
The forecast for this Monday, 6 March. SUR

The rains may last until the middle of the week, but little by little the temperatures will rise and the skies clear. Then the warmer temperatures will arrive, with Saturday and Sunday feeling spring-like. The Aemet forecast points to a notable increase in the maximum temperatures on the Malaga coast as of Thursday, with highs around 25 degrees that will continue to rise over the weekend and could reach 30.

Across the rest of Andalucía, the skies will be cloudy or covered with light rain this Monday, not reaching the Mediterranean coast until the afternoon - moving from west to east - when they will be locally persistent in Cadiz province, and less likely and intense in the east of the region. Minimum temperatures will also rise.

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