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This is the video that showcases the luxury tourism offerings of the Costal del Sol

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A new website has been launched - available in Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi - aimed at holidaymakers, tour operators, agencies and other key players in the top-end of the travel market

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 19 July 2023

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The Costa del Sol tourism board has launched a new website to showcase its luxury tourism offer. Margarita del Cid, acting CEO of Turismo Costa del Sol, said that the launch of the website aims to "turn the destination into a benchmark for the concept of contemporary luxury, as well as providing depth to the brand positioning of the luxury segment". Del Cid said that this new tool facilitates the work of "highlighting the Costa del Sol as a destination associated with quality, sustainability, luxury, and [which is] open 365 days a year".

The new website is available in Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi and is aimed at both the end-user customer and tour operators, agencies and other key players. "It is the start of an ambitious project to create exclusive luxury content that the company will begin to develop on a platform in the last quarter of the year," Del Cid said.

The acting CEO highlighted the website's "extremely visual content". "The website offers content about the experiences associated with the luxury segment that can be enjoyed in a Costa del Sol without limits, such as letting yourself be carried away by the panoramic views of the vineyards from a hot air balloon or discovering the natural beauty of the [inland areas such as] Torcal de Antequera".

She stressed the importance of this segment as a "strategic value", as well as its potential for seasonality, the high spending power of this type of tourist, as well as being a segment that has not been affected by the crisis.

"The province of Malaga is a destination for the most demanding profiles, so we want every luxury experience to be rewarding and satisfying and we want to excite everyone who visits our destination," Del Cid said.

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