File image of Ukrainian refugees at an aid desk when they arrived in Malaga. Salvador Salas
Only 13 per cent of the 14,460 Ukrainian refugees in Malaga have found work

Only 13 per cent of the 14,460 Ukrainian refugees in Malaga have found work


Latest figures also show that the province has received the most people who fled the Russian invasion of their country in the Andalucía region

Matías Stuber


Friday, 10 March 2023, 17:21


The Ukrainian refugees who have relocated to Malaga province following the Russian invasion of their country are experiencing great difficulties in finding work once they arrive. This is confirmed in data provided on Thursday by the government delegate in Andalucía, Pedro Fernández, and his counterpart for Malaga province, Javier Salas.

The province received 14,460 Ukrainian refugees which equates to 60 per cent of the total intake for Andalucía of 24,103, Fernández said. Of these 14,460 people, a total of 1,106 are registered for employment with the social security department which is high compared to the other provinces in the region.

However, the language barrier and doubts about the reciprocity of some qualifications are the main reasons for difficulties in getting a job. The vast majority of those who have fled Ukraine are women, who have arrived with their children. Fernández said that the service sector is the one that is offering the greatest employability to this group.

Fernández reported that, by segments of activity, 17% are engaged in information and communication, followed by 16% in the hotel and catering industry and another similar percentage in construction, while 7% are working in the agriculture sector.

Fernández said that government funds totalling 9.7 million euros have been distributed in the region by the Junta “to deal with extraordinary social expenses in the community (3.5 million euros) and, on the other hand, to help the 2,317 Ukrainian families living in 198 Andalusian municipalities (6.1 million euros).

"This is a clear example of how co-governance and appropriate collaboration between administrations makes it possible to attend to people who find themselves in an emergency situation without giving rise to political debate," Fernández added.

From March to December, 9,776 people from Ukraine have registered in Andalucía, of whom 5,407 are located in Malaga province, 1,014 in Almeria, 847 in Cadiz, 837 in Seville, 713 in Granada, 426 in Cordoba, 332 registered in Huelva and 200 in Jaén.

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