The catering sector accounts for 75% of tourist employment. Ñito Salas
Tourism on the Costa del Sol generates more employment than ever before

Tourism on the Costa del Sol generates more employment than ever before

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According to the latest data, a record 130,000 people were employed in the sector between April and June this year

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 27 September 2023, 11:00

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Data from Spain's national statistics institute (INE) shows that almost 130,000 people were employed in the tourism sector on the Costa del Sol and the wider Malaga province between April and June, surpassing the previous 2019 record by 3,000. Further welcome figures are expected for following strong summer months, when the data becomes available.

The data collected points to the hotel and catering sector as the driving force behind this employment, with bars and restaurants accounting for almost 75% of tourism workers. It is followed by the accommodation sector, which employed more than 25,500 people over the period; transport, with 18,093; leisure activities, with 14,310; and car rental, travel agencies and tour operators, with almost 5,000 workers.

Although all segments show strong growth compared to the same period last year, the rise of almost 11% in tourist transport is noteworthy.

The strong recovery of tourism after the coronavirus pandemic, accelerated in the analysed period due to arrival of international visitors. The INE figures also show that, on the Costa del Sol, eight out of every ten employees are Spanish and there is an increase of almost 7% in the number of professionals who work full-time.

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