The police were investigating a gang based in Malaga but active in the Campo de Gibraltar / sur

Three Guardia Civil officers arrested in drug trafficking investigation

They are all based in Algeciras port, although one is believed to live in Malaga province, and are accused of forming part of a major gang which police have now broken up


Three Guardia Civil officers who were based in Algeciras port have been arrested, as part of a police operation against a major drug trafficking gang which was based in Malaga but whose activity extended to the Campo de Gibraltar area. The Guardia Civil officers, one of whom is believed to live in Malaga province, are accused of forming part of the gang.

A number of other people have also been arrested in this operation, including an administrative assistant in a Hacienda tax office in the Campo de Gibraltar.

The police have also carried out searches of 30 properties in the provinces of Malaga, Cadiz and Barcelona. They say the investigation is continuing and further arrests cannot be ruled out.