These are the projects from Malaga shortlisted in Spain's 2024 architecture awards

These are the projects from Malaga shortlisted in Spain's 2024 architecture awards

The jury will meet in May to choose the finalists and on 20 June the names of the winning scheme will be announced live at a gala event

Nuria Triguero


Friday, 12 April 2024, 17:48


Malaga has four candidates among the 185 selected for the first phase of the 2024 Architecture Awards, organised by the Higher Council of Spanish Architects' Associations (CSCAE). Among them is one that comes as no surprise: Mayoral's new logistics warehouse in Intelhorce, which was already voted best logistics building in the world in 2023 by the ArchDaily platform. Also among the chosen proposals are a single-family house built in El Limonar, a living classroom set up in the faculty of education sciences of the UMA and a collection of informative books on architecture.

The selection of the 185 proposals was made by the expert committees of the Official Architects' Associations and Autonomous Councils within their respective areas from among the 497 proposals received this year, 15% more than last year. Of these, 17 are Andalusian candidates.

The jury will meet in May to choose the finalists and on 20 June the names of the winning projects of the Architecture Awards 2024 will be announced live at a gala event. In total, six value-based distinctions will be awarded and three special recognitions: the Spanish Architecture Award, the Spanish Urbanism Award and the Award for Permanence. In the case of the special distinctions, the recognition not only distinguishes the names behind the work but also the promoters, public administrations or entities that help make it possible.

Mayoral logistics warehouse

Mayoral's new logistics warehouse has been selected in the building category. It follows a design by System Arquitectura (Rafael Urquiza, Rafael Roa, Alberto Urquiza and Mar Luque), which has significantly increased Mayoral's distribution and storage space in what were formerly the Intelhorce factory facilities. Built by Sando, the design plays with the transparency of the double façade, as if it were a piece of translucent fabric hanging over the building. At the same time, the 20-metre-high outer façade of micro-perforated zinc sheeting improves the building's energy efficiency by protecting the inner polycarbonate surface from direct sun and allowing natural light to pass through.

The logistics building next to the former Intelhorce warehouse has an area of 15,666 square metres on the ground floor and a mezzanine of 3,216 square metres, making a total built area of 18,883 square metres - It cost 26 million euros.

AC House

The AC House, also selected, is the work of Marina Uno Arquitectos (Juan Manuel Sánchez La Chica and Adolfo de la Torre Prieto). It is a three-storey house located in the Limonar district of Malaga. The house is organised by means of a system of parallel bands, arranged from north to south, and crossed by a circulation axis that connects the different parts. You enter through a deep opening that perforates the body of the bedrooms. The walls are built with a brickwork based on pilasters that shade the façades. Everything is painted white in order to reduce the absorption of sun. The house is built with thin reinforced concrete slabs supported by hand-brick walls and a thin metal structure in front of the garden.

Living classroom

The project living classroom (aula viva) in early childhood education is part of the reform of classrooms in the faculty of education sciences in Malaga to adapt them to a new innovative teaching and learning model. Marisa González, Nerea Salas and Ferran Ventura directed the creation of a living classroom for early childhood education, where educational innovation becomes its own space. The project incorporates nature into the interior of the classroom with plant walls in a bid to instil a sense of calm and peace in pupils. It also has a roof that is constantly monitored to check in real time the improvement of air quality.

Conferences Collection

The Conferences Collection, launched by the publishing house Recolectores Urbanos, is dedicated to publishing informative works in the field of architecture. Its catalogue includes "publications on different conferences, congresses and events that generate different topics of discussion".

Award history

Each architects' association and regional council has made the selection within its territorial scope, following the criteria and values established in the rules: universal, cultural and artistic, professional and ethical, values associated with innovation, diversification, dissemination and diffusion, as well as rehabilitation, renovation and regeneration and permanence.

The Architecture Awards came about in 2021, when the CSCAE decided to make a 180-degree turnaround to the set of awards it had been giving since 1981. The current format has brought architecture closer to society, making the general public aware of the sector's contributions to improving habitability, guaranteeing access to decent housing, designing public spaces, and preserving cultural heritage.

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