These are the towns and villages in Malaga province where a new mayor is guaranteed this year

These are the towns and villages in Malaga province where a new mayor is guaranteed this year


Municipal elections to select new local councillors and their leaders take place on 28 May

Antonio M. Romero


Monday, 13 March 2023


Local elections to renew the councils in cities, towns and villages around Spain take place on 28 May. Although no results are known yet, it is safe to confirm that at least 12 municipalities of the 103 in the province of Malaga will have a new mayor as the current incumbents are not standing.

Six of the mayors who are not seeking re-election are from the PSOE (Socialist) party. After 16 years as mayor of Ojén, José Antonio Gómez will not stand again; he announced that this would be his last term in office in 2021, after losing his bid to become the Socialist party's general secretary for Malaga province. He will be replaced as the Socialist candidate by Luis Márquez.

Another veteran council leader who will not run for office again is Fernando Fernández, who has governed Faraján for the last two decades.

After eight years as mayor and 14 as councillor, José María González will not stand for re-election in Sierra de Yeguas, with Francisco Sojo replacing him on the ballot.

In Algarrobo, Alberto Pérez ends eight years as mayor and will be replaced by new Socialist candidate María José Ruiz.

Meanwhile in Carratraca, Francisca Jiménez steps aside after eight years as mayor and her place as candidate will be taken by Dolores Porras.

Finally in Cañete la Real, Josefa Jurado will stand aside and Jesús Espinosa will replace her as candidate.

Three from IU and one independent

Three of the mayors that left-wing Izquierda Unida (IU) party currently has in the province will stand down on 28 May. Francisco Guerrero and José Carrasco of Campillos and Casares, respectively, have decided not to seek re-election. Both have been in power since 2015.

In Cuevas del Becerro, Ana María García will not stand again after four years as mayor in a coalition government with the independent group Más Pueblo.

Six of the Socialist party's mayors in Malaga province will be standing aside

Of the 30 mayors that the conservative PP (Partido Popular) currently has in the province there are only two who will not stand again: Francisco Escalona in Igualeja and Obdulio Pérez in Cómpeta. Their substitutes at the head of the PP ticket have not been named, said the party.

As far as independent parties are concerned, José Damián García Berbén, who has governed Cortes de la Frontera since 2015 with Vecinos, will not stand again and a new candidate has not been officially announced yet.

Two mayors who currently govern as independents, María Dolores Bullón in Alpandeire, and Diego Sánchez in Montejaque, will stand again but will do so with the PP, after an agreement with party chair in Malaga Patricia Navarro.

Still unsure

So far there are still four mayors in the province who have not yet officially declared whether they are to run again in the upcoming elections. Among them is mayor of Almogía, Socialist Cristóbal Torreblanca, who has been in office for 40 years .

Izquierda Unida mayors, José Joaquín García, in El Burgo, and José Romero Vegas, in Valle de Abdalajís, have still not announced their decision.

Neither has the independent mayor of Benadalid, Antonio Vera, who took office four years ago in a municipality traditionally governed by the Socialists, decided whether or not he will run for a second term.

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