Alameda Festival, with SFDK on stage for one of the most packed-out concerts of last year. A. F.
Campo or Costa? The rural Malaga music festival that is beating off the competition from the coast
Music festival

Campo or Costa? The rural Malaga music festival that is beating off the competition from the coast

The third annual Alameda Festival will be held on 7 and 8 June with more than 30 artists and two new features: a third stage and a glamping area

Cristina Pinto


Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 16:41


They broke the mould and dared to do what many would never do: launch a music festival in the heart of rural Malaga to stand out from the rest of the Costa del Sol. They say that if you don't take risks you don't win, and Alameda Festival will soon be celebrating its third event on the weekend 7-8 June, fighting off all the festival competition from Malaga city amid yearly growth.

This music festival, held in the Malaga province municipality of Alameda, continues to grow, this year adding a third stage and a glamping zone to its campsite for those looking for more comfort. They have established themselves among the Malaga festival scene with their own unique identity, giving them a loyal audience: from rock to local rap, reggae, rumba and lots of DJs to add the late nightlife touch. This year's line-up ranges from Chambao, El Canijo de Jerez, Gordo Master, El Duende Callejero and Green Valley through to Astola y Ratón, Fyahbwoy, Lia Kali, Tarifa Plana and Sara Socas, among many others.

There are almost 40 artists on the bill with performances on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm at night to 7am in the morning. Twelve hours of non-stop music with a variety of artists: "That's what makes us different from other festivals on the coast, we don't want them to always be the same... 90% of the festivals in Malaga and Andalucía have the same artists and we have tried to look for touches of one or the other, that's why we still have our audience despite the great offerings all over Malaga. This year we have added more women to the line-up, which is one of the points we wanted to improve compared to previous events," explains Gustavo Gordillo, CEO of Espectáculos Alameda, the festival's promoter.


  • Artists Chambao, El Canijo de Jerez, El Duende Callejero, Toteking, Green Valley, Astola y Ratón, Pepe y Vizio, Fyahbwoy, Lia Kali, Anier, El Chojín, J Abecia, Gordo Master, Mario Díaz, Chiki Lora, Morochos, Miranda, Sara Socas, Tarifa Plana, Mix and Noise, Anuschka, Les Castizos, Kid Caravan, Juan Mendoza, Yoni Dientes, Delreverso, Verca, Susiedad Anónima, Dittt, José Frías, Carlitos Abad, Christian Ramos, File, Joaquin Churry, Carlos Osuna, Leo Monteza.

A good proportion of the attending public are from Malaga province (40%), with the great majority of them coming from Alameda and surrounding villages and towns, but they also have followers who come from all over Spain every year: Segovia, Murcia, Valencia, Madrid... "Last year we were surprised to see so many parents with their children's pushchairs enjoying themselves and attending the festival. That's why we have special vouchers for groups of friends of 8, 10 or 15 people with a 30% discount on each weekend ticket; we will also be launching a family voucher in the coming weeks," says Gordillo.

Among the new features of this year's edition is the third stage where the DJs will perform with a programme starting at ten o'clock at night. "We have enlarged the venue a little and added this third stage so that there will be a break from the bands and so that you can also enjoy more electronic music with the majority of local artists", says Gordillo. Verca, Susiedad Anónima, Dittt, José Frías, Carlitos Abad, File, Leo Monteza, Joaquin Churry and Carlos Osuna will be there.

A. F.

But the promoters are also looking for more comfort and R&R for festival-goers in the campsite. The camping area has been in place since the first festival. "We have added a glamping area with luxury tents for two to six people. In addition, the bar will be open 24 hours a day and two rows of 12 showers with hot water will be added to improve the festival-goers' stay during the weekend," states Gustavo Gordillo.

Positive impact on the whole town

The whole town is involved in the Alameda Festival. According to Gustavo Gordillo, for the local economy the festival generates "a million euros across petrol stations, restaurants, bars...". This would not have been possible, acknowledges Gordillo, without the support and trust placed in the promoters by Alameda's town council that, since the outset, has been their much-needed ally to make this festival possible.

Tickets are still on sale and the organisers hope to reach or surpass last year's attendance of around 13,000 people over the two days.

Alameda Festival promoters launch two events in Malaga city

The promoter Espectáculos Alameda wanted to launch an event in Malaga city, as it makes up 40% of the total audience of Alameda Festival. The Infortunio team was also looking to launch a new festival offer and teamed up to launch Motel Fortuna Fest, "a festival for the people of Malaga. It will take place on 9 August at Málaga Forum (formerly Autocine) with a line-up headed by Delaossa, Recycled J, Easy S, Abhir and Selecta. In addition, Espectáculos Alameda is also in charge of Spring Málaga, the spring festival to be held on 27 April at Málaga Forum.

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