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Second-hand car dealer in Malaga arrested on fraud charges

Second-hand car dealer in Malaga arrested on fraud charges

A police investigation was launched after several sellers claimed they had been swindled out of money by the 49-year-old

Friday, 14 June 2024, 14:43

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National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 49-year-old man as the perpetrator of a continuous crime of swindling people during the sale and purchase of vehicles. The victims contacted the alleged professional in the trade to sell their cars and, after reaching an agreement, he allegedly refused to pay them the agreed amounts. According to police investigations, eight people have been defrauded to date, with the total amount of the fraud amounting to 118,817 euros, the National Police said in a statement.

The investigation was carried out following a complaint lodged at the Malaga west district police station. The affected party alleged that he had been swindled by the manager of a dealership with which he had agreed to sell his vehicle.

According to the investigation carried out by the police, the alleged perpetrator selected his targets among people who offered their cars on websites. After contacting them, he offered them an immediate and secure sale, also agreeing on the price of the vehicle. The victims have verified that every one of the vehicles were transferred on the correct date and in the correct manner, and that the investigated party had received the money from the sales.

After reaching the agreement, and once a buyer had been found, the investigated person contacted the owners to sign the contract of sale. Once the transaction had been carried out, the sellers began to have problems collecting the money, as the culprit always gave excuses in order not to pay. It was only when the affected parties communicated by burofax or through their lawyers informing them that they were going to file complaints that, in some cases, but not all, they began to receive the money in small amounts and over a prolonged period of time.

According to the investigations and statements taken by the police, the alleged perpetrator had carried out this type of action on numerous occasions. Finally, in view of the facts outlined, the officers proceeded to arrest the suspect for a continuous offence of fraud.

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