On the coast Aemet expects the nightime minimum temperature will fall by half. / ÑITO SALAS

Temperatures set to plummet as a mass of cold polar air rolls into the region

Some inland areas of Malaga province could see the mercury drop down to just 4 degrees at night


Weather experts are forecasting that temperatures will plummet across Andalucía as a mass of cold polar air rolls into the region from this Wednesday (3 November).

After enjoying days of spring-like temperatures, the mercury will drop from the middle of the week warns meteorology expert José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Storms and lightning'. “The temperatures will be more in line with the time of year, but the minimum temperature will be below the average,” he highlights.

Spokesperson for Aemet, the state weather agency in Spain, Rubén del Campo, confirmed the forecast and explained that the country will sit "in a corridor through which a mass of very cold polar air will move”.

Temperatures will suffer a "sharp decline" and the maximums will not exceed 10 to 15 degrees in the northern half of the mainland and 15 to 20 degrees in the southern half and the Mediterranean."Twenty degrees will only be reached in isolated points of the Guadalquivir valley and the Mediterranean coast and there will be night frosts in mountain areas", Aemet forecasts.

In the case of Malaga city, the weather agency expects that the minimums will fall by half, going from 18 degrees on Tuesday (2 November) to just nine on Sunday. The maximum temperatures will also suffer, dropping from 27 to 29 degrees of the last few days to the 20-22 degrees forecast between Thursday and Sunday.

The drop will be more pronounced inland, such as in Antequera - where the mercury will dance between 3 and 17 degrees - or Ronda, between 4 and 15 degrees.