Many shops began their summer sales early. / francis silva

Summer sales start early in Malaga province, amid changing consumer habits

The UCE consumers association expects people to spend slightly more than in previous years


The summer sales are starting earlier again this year and, after carrying out a survey, the UCE consumers association in Malaga says people will be spending an average of 76 euros on discounted items.

According to the study, 64.7% of those who took part said they are sure they will be buying something in the sales, and 30% weren’t sure. Only 4.2% said they don't intend to buy anything, either because there is nothing they need or because they never find discounts that make it worthwhile. Most of those who had already decided to make purchases were aged between 18 and 35.

Many of those who are looking forward to the sales said they expect to spend between 40 and 80 euros (46.90%) and 24.78% plan to spend between 80 and 150 euros.

Impulse buying

More than half of those who participated in the survey (55.8%) said they are only going to buy things they need, as a way of saving money at a time when everything is so expensive. Meanwhile, 17,4% said they had not planned what to buy or how much to spend, which could lead to impulse buying, and 14.5% said they would buy items that were really cheap. Finally, 6.5% said they will not be buying well-known brands and/or would not buy many items that are considered luxury (5.8%).

From the results of its survey, the UCE expects people to spend slightly more at the summer sales than in previous years. “With prices continually going up, many consumers will take advantage of the discounts to buy things they really need,” it said in its report. These include clothes and footwear.

“Before the Covid-19 crisis, most people wouldn’t have waited until the sales to buy shoes, but now a lot of families are keen to get the discounts to keep their costs down. The pandemic and the difficult economic situation have changed consumer habits,” it said.