An easyJet plane at Malaga Airport. / ÑITO SALAS

EasyJet strikes called off in Spain after cabin crew pay rise agreement reached

The next three days of the industrial action were due to take place from tomorrow, Friday, until Sunday


The Spanish trade union USO announced today, Thursday, 28 July, an agreement with easyJet for a 22 per cent base pay rise for cabin crew members over three years, immediately calling off the last three days of strike action, which were due to take place from Friday, 29 July, until Sunday, 31 July.

A four per cent increase in basic pay will be applied retroactively from March this year, with a rise of 13 per cent for 2023 and five per cent for 2024.

The agreement implies a change in the duration of the period of activity of the permanent discontinuous contracts, which will become nine months of activity and three months of inactivity, whereas before it was eight months of activity and four months of inactivity. The measure will come into force this summer.

It also includes financial compensation for work undertaken on days off and increased compensation/flexible allowances for flight attendants, both measures will come into effect from 1 January, 2023.

The agreement was approved by the workers' assembly and, of the 418 cabin crew serving easyJet in Spain, 303 took part in the vote and almost 75 per cent of them ratified it.

USO's general secretary at easyJet, Miguel Galán, said that after weeks of strike action and months of negotiation, the company has offered an economic proposal that represented an "important" approach to the wages and conditions that colleagues have in Europe, despite "not being exactly what we were demanding".

"Independently, we continue with the negotiations of the agreement in all sections that are not of an economic nature with the aim of improving our working conditions," he added.