In the spotlight: Netflix shoots three international series on the Costa del Sol this summer

In the spotlight: Netflix shoots three international series on the Costa del Sol this summer

The streaming platform is filming scenes for its forthcoming series Red Book and new episodes of Kaos, and was in the province earlier this year for the adaptation of the novel La Chica de Nieve, by Javier Castillo

Regina Sotorrío / FRANCISCO GRIÑÁN

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 11:15

Netflix will be filming two new series on the Costa del Sol this summer, and it also chose Malaga earlier this year to shoot scenes for its adaptation of the novel La Chica de Nieve by Javier Castillo. The streaming platform is now working on Red Book and more episodes of Kaos, and is planning to start filming the Scandinavian saga Exit in the area in the near future.

The local Fresco Film production company has played a crucial role in Malaga’s popularity as a location, having gained the respect of Hollywood. The company, which is run by Peter Welter and Silvia Aráez, has won two Location Managers Guild International Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the profession, for its work on the locations for Game of Thrones. It is behind the three series being filmed for Netflix in Malaga and also the tenth in the Fast and Furious series, on location in Lisbon this summer.

Red Book in San Pedro

Some scenes for the new fantasy series Red Book are being shot in San Pedro Alcántara at the moment. The team will be staying in the province for several weeks and will use locations in Estepona, Marbella and other places on the Costa del Sol. Red Book is one of Netflix’ biggest productions for next season, and the company is keeping its launch details highly secret at present.

Kaos in July

In July, the platform will start filming Kaos, a series about classical gods which it described in 2018 as a “modern view of Greek and Roman mythology, exploring issues such as gender politics, power and life in hell”. It will use several locations on the Costa del Sol over the next few months.

Scandinavian series Exit

And finally, the third season of the Scandinavian series Exit is also being filmed in Malaga this summer. It is based on witness reports from four highly successful investors and shows how millionaire financiers escape from the stresses and strains of life through drugs, prostitution and extreme violence. After an initial visit in January, the crew are basing themselves in Fuengirola to film the final scenes.



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