The seating is out in central Malaga for the upcoming processions. / F. SILVA

All set for Semana Santa processions after two years away

This year the Jesús 'El Rico' brotherhood in Malaga will witness the release of a prisoner who has had a 'public health' crime pardoned


Cities, towns and villages across southern Spain are putting the finishing touches to their world-famous religious processions due to take place next week over 'Semana Santa'.

Malaga province and the length of the Costa del Sol is no exception, and there is palpable relief, after the stressful two years of Covid-19 cancellations, among the many brotherhoods - or cofradías - whose members take part, as well as local bar and restaurant owners.

While the smallest villages may only parade their images on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, larger towns and cities spread theirs over several days. The biggest Holy Week procession schedule in the area starts this Palm Sunday in Malaga city and continues in intensity each day, until late on Good Friday.

This week, workers were laying out the seating along the ceremonial part of the route in Malaga and brotherhoods were moving their images of Christ and Our Lady from local churches into their base buildings, where they were being decorated.

As usual, a prisoner will be publicly pardoned during the procession of Jesús 'El Rico' in Malaga on Wednesday. In a tradition started with Royal approval in the eighteenth century, this year the man to be released, known only as José C., has been serving a two year sentence for a public health offence - which usually means a drug crime.