Security technician who did some work at Malaga bank arrested for allegedly stealing 110,000 euros

Security technician who did some work at Malaga bank arrested for allegedly stealing 110,000 euros

The suspect, detained in Mijas, allegedly disabled the cameras and stole the cash from a safe, stored in a restricted-access area

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 8 May 2024, 12:37


National Police have arrested a 38-year-old security technician in Mijas for his alleged involvement in the robbery of 110,000 euros from the safe of a Unicaja de Malaga branch in the city.

The suspect allegedly took advantage of working at the bank to coordinate the robbery at a time when the cameras were disconnected.

The police investigation started in mid-January following a complaint from a representative of the branch. He told police that 110,000 euros had disappeared from the safe in one of the branches. A bank manager in charge of the safe, inside an area with restricted access and not accessible to other employees, was the one who noticed the missing money and raised the alarm.

Police carried out an inspection of the bank's control centre, where officers detected "manipulations in the recording equipment and in the placement of the cameras". The branch was in the process of transforming its security system, which entailed the restructuring and replacement of recording cameras, computer servers and storage equipment.

According to investigators, the person responsible for the theft, which happened after hours, is allegedly a technician who installs security systems and works as a freelancer for a company subcontracted to carry out the work. The suspect took advantage of this work to carry out the theft, and he was already familiar with the premises because he had previously carried out similar tasks in the same office, according to investigators.

Police arrested the 38-year-old at his home in Mijas. Police seized 1,355 euros in cash and four vehicles, as well as documentation and computer material. He will appear before a court in Malaga.

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