A view of Cartajima. / J. A.

Search on for new residents and entrepreneurs in mountain village

A scheme aimed at fighting depopulation in rural areas offers advice to those interested in moving to this village in the Serranía de Ronda


Cartajima, a village in the Serranía de Ronda with 259 registered inhabitants, has been selected to form part of a programme to encourage people to live and work in rural areas. Holapueblo, supported by companies such as Ikea, Grupo Red Eléctrica and Alma Natura, offers advice to people considering moving into rural areas, "accompanying them through the life-changing process".

This is the third time the scheme has been run, previously benefiting Benarrabá and Jubrique, two more villages in the area, "where two business projects were set up and have been developed" as a result. This third time round Holapueblo is also helping to find new residents for another 79 villages around Spain suffering depopulation.

So far 70 people have received support through the scheme and of them 28 "have already started a new life in rural areas with their families. The majority are couples in their forties with children. The type of business set up is family-run and 60% in the services sector," said sources from the scheme which is developed in collaboration with Reale Seguros, Correos, Triodos Bank and Fundación Triodos.

This year for the first time Holapueblo will also offer advice to people who only want to live in Cartajima or the other participating villages, without starting a business. Anyone interested can join the scheme at holapueblo.com