Ryanair check-in desks at Malaga Airport. MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ
Ryanair cabin crew strikes in Spain extended until 7 January

Ryanair cabin crew strikes in Spain extended until 7 January

The unions new strike call for 24-hour stoppages, Monday to Thursday every week, will begin on 8 August

Wednesday, 27 July 2022, 11:49

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The USO and Sitcpla unions announced on Wednesday, 27 July, that they are extending the strike days, which began in July, until 7 January. The new strike call, for 24-hour stoppages, Monday to Thursday, weekly, will begin on 8 August.

"Given that Ryanair has not shown the slightest attempt at rapprochement with the unions but, on the contrary, has publicly stated its refusal to engage in any dialogue with the elected representatives of its crew members, USO and Sitcpla have been forced to continue the strike and call new dates, after listening to the workers", union officials said.

This Wednesday, by 9am, some nine flights had been cancelled as a result of the cabin crew's latest day of protest, which they justify on three grounds. "The first is the application of the statutory minimums of Spanish labour and trade union legislation to all cabin crew members working on Ryanair aircraft and at the ten Spanish bases. The immediate reinstatement of the eleven workers dismissed during the previous strikes in June and July for supporting the constitutional right to strike. And, thirdly, the suspension and closure of all the disciplinary proceedings against approximately one hundred workers for the previous strikes," union officials said.

The crew members consider that the application of basic labour rights cannot be subject to negotiation. Among them are the 22 working days of annual leave; fourteen legally established public holidays or the granting of the rights to legal guardianship, specific and reduced working hours; the payment of salary levels prior to the pandemic, as the National Court has already ruled in its judgment, and the end of the recruitment of workers through the illegal transfer of employees.

Malaga Airport is one of the airports least affected by the crew strike, with numerous days in which there have only been flight delays, but no cancellations.

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