The Arriate treatment plant has been completed and is now in test operation. SUR
Work overruns on new wastewater treatment plants in Serranía de Ronda as cost spirals

Work overruns on new wastewater treatment plants in Serranía de Ronda as cost spirals

The two plants are part of a project to treat wastewater from several villages before it is discharged into the River Guadiaro. The scheme for Benaoján has yet been started as it subject to an environmental impact study following protests about its location

Vanessa Melgar


Saturday, 30 March 2024, 07:32


Works on two wastewater treatment plants being built in the municipality of Cortes de la Frontera in the Serranía de Ronda will be delayed by up to five months due to unforeseen circumstances.

ACUAES, Aguas de las Cuencas de España, and the company awarded the contract have agreed to modify the contract, which, in addition, will be increased by around one million euros. They pointed out that difficulties arose which were "beyond the control" of both parties. Sources close to the project said the reason was due to difficulties encountered on the terrain where they are building. But construction will take longer than initially planned due to "unforeseen circumstances" which came up during work. The infrastructure is now expected to be completed in February 2025, at a cost of almost nine million euros.

The wastewater treatment plants are part of an agreement between the central government, the Junta de Andalucía, Diputación de Málaga provincial authority and local councils of surrounding villages. It was agreed to build the infrastructure in this part of the Guadiaro valley, since the area lacks wastewater treatment plants and is therefore discharged straight into the river. The project's total budget is almost nine million euros.

The new treatment plants, when finally completed, will serve the municipality of Cortes de la Frontera (including Estación de Cortes - Cañada del Real Tesoro and Estación de Gaucín - El Colmenar) as well as the villages of Jimera de Líbar, Montejaque and Benaoján and Arriate.

The treatment plants are financed with European funds, to the tune of almost 30 million euros. The Arriate treatment plant has already been completed and has been in test operation since February, while work on the Jimera plant is progressing, as is work on the two infrastructures in Cortes, despite the delay.

The project to jointly serve the residents of Montejaque and Benaoján, as the national government has agreed to carry out further environmental impact studies. In Benaoján, where the treatment plant is to be located, there is controversy over its location. Ecologists argue it would have a great impact on a site of high ecological value in the Malaga section of the Los Alcornocales natural park. A neighbourhood protest group has been created which also pointed out issues with bad smells due to the proximity to the town centre.

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