The foodtruck in Arriate, during its recent Fiesta en el Aire. SUR
This is the food truck that travels through the Serranía de Ronda selling artisanal breads
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This is the food truck that travels through the Serranía de Ronda selling artisanal breads

It is the latest initiative of the Asprodisis foundation which supports people with intellectual disabilities in the town and surrounding areas

Vanessa Melgar


Monday, 23 October 2023, 12:31


Bread made from durum wheat, brown wheat, brown, candeal, chia, spelt, rye, corn and wheat, oregano and tomato, these are among more than ten varieties, along with cakes, offered by the Asprodisis foundation food truck. This organisation supports people with intellectual disabilities in Ronda and the surrounding Serranía, and the aquamarine vehicle has begun touring to area to sell the foods prepared by the group in its bakery. The initiative is supported by La Noria, the Malaga provincial authority and La Caixa Foundation, with the main objective of promoting the social inclusion of these people.

"One of the objectives of this project is to create employment and promote training for people with intellectual disabilities, but also to improve the image and change the perception of these people in rural areas while offering this service", explained Maribel Chito, head of communications at the foundation.

A few weeks ago the Asprodisis food truck visited Arriate for the Fiesta en el Aire, a cultural event that the town celebrates every year. Last weekend it was in Cuevas del Becerro, at the countryside festival, VIII Jornadas del Campo. "We are going to adapt the offer to the town we go to, we are going to vary the products. In Cuevas del Becerro, for example, we took around a dozen types of bread," Chito said.

The food truck will also be selling bread rolls along with other local products, such as chacinas (cold meats). In Arriate, it sold rolls with minced meats and chorizo, Chito said. She added that “the most inclusive food truck in the area is working very well, as the members of Asprodisis put all their love into each preparation. It also helps that the breads and cakes are already well-known in Ronda, as they can also be purchased in the coffee shop in the Ícara Centre, on the El Fuerte industrial estate. That is also where the bakery is also located, and which can also take special orders for birthday, christening, Valentine's and Three King's day cakes, among others, depending on the time of year.

“Between 14 to 16 people work in this state-of-the-art bakery, most of them people with intellectual disabilities, who are trained by experts in the field. "Between ten and 12 people with intellectual disabilities work there, depending on the day. They also work with local varieties of wheat that have been recovered by the Acción Compartida Serranía group. Everything is delicious, we invite you to try our products," added Chito.





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