View of the sky from Cuevas del Becerro. EPI_FOTO
This is the first village in Malaga province to be recognised for the 'excellent quality of its night sky'

This is the first village in Malaga province to be recognised for the 'excellent quality of its night sky'

The Starlight Foundation has selected the municipality near Ronda as a perfect area for star-gazing enthusiasts

Monday, 8 January 2024, 12:37


Cuevas del Becerro has become the first Starlight municipality in the province of Malaga, a title awarded by the Starlight Foundation, the town hall has said.

This is based on the "exceptional quality of its night sky", which, the council said, "reinforces our position as an inland tourist destination".

The town hall explained that the foundation operates internationally and is committed to the preservation of dark skies for star-gazing.

"It awards this distinction to those destinations that stand out for the quality of their night skies, thus contributing to global awareness of the importance of maintaining dark environments for astronomical observation," it said.

"This achievement puts Cuevas del Becerro on the map as a unique tourist destination in the province, where visitors can enjoy unparalleled starry nights and participate in astronomical observation activities," it continued, highlighting star-gazing as a valuable attraction from a tourism point of view.

Carlos Lozano Ramírez, councillor for tourism, said: "We are very grateful for this recognition, which not only highlights the beauty of our sky, but also strengthens our position as an inland tourist destination that tries to do things right from the start. We invite those who wish to enjoy an uncrowded tourist destination to discover the magic of Cuevas del Becerro and to join us in the preservation of our natural treasures and our unique historical heritage."

Although Cuevas has won this recognition, the entire Serranía de Ronda area has expressed its commitment to promoting the night sky as a tourist attraction.

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