A recreation of the new structure in El Tajo gorge. SUR
Ronda to present plans for El Tajo gorge walk project

Ronda to present plans for El Tajo gorge walk project

It includes the creation of a footbridge at the bottom of the gorge which is designed by Luis Machuca, the architect of Malaga's popular Caminito del Rey tourist attraction



Friday, 20 January 2023, 19:01


Ronda town hall will present its Desfiladero del Tajo (El Tajo gorge) project on Wednesday 25 January at 8pm in the Santo Domingo Convent. The event will be attended by the Mayor of Ronda María de la Paz Fernández, Faustino Peralta, the official chronicler of Ronda; and Luis Machuca, architect of the footbridge, to be called the Paso de la Garganta del Tajo.

The new footbridge, at the bottom of the Tajo gorge, is part of improvements to the route that follows a path down to the base of the town’s famous bridge.

Ronda has been trying to build a footbridge over the Guadalevín river for several years but encountered various obstacles until the Town Hall turned to the architect of Malaga province's Caminito del Rey gorge walk.

Machuca’s footbridge will provide another perspective of Ronda's heritage landmark, the Tajo and its New Bridge.



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