The building is located in the heart of Ronda’s historic area, and the outside space is currently used as a car park. V. M.
Ronda set to get its first five-star hotel in historic El Castillo college building

Ronda set to get its first five-star hotel in historic El Castillo college building

The project will be developed by Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, which already operates two large hotels in the mountain town

Vanessa Melgar


Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 17:59

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Ronda could soon have its first five-star hotel in the old Salesian college, El Castillo, a property that has been disused for years and which is located in the heart of the town’s historic area. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts will develop what will be their third establishment in the mountain town, joining the Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria and the Hotel Catalonia Ronda after an agreement was recently signed.

Last week the executive vice president of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, Guillermo Vallet, the mayor of Ronda, María de la Paz Fernández, and Ángel Vázquez, from the Moctezuma foundation, signed a protocol of intent to execute the action in an agreement that will lead to an urban project. The Moctezuma foundation owns the property and the agreement cedes the facilities to Catalonia for a period of 50 years, with the possibility of extending for another 25 years.

The surface area to be developed is around 11,000 square metres. Vallet did not quantify the investment to be made but said that work is currently being done on the preliminary project. He said: “We are delighted to be able to carry out a third project in Ronda. We have been here almost 12 years and we feel that we have a bond with town and we want it to prosper. We want to bet on a high-end hotel that can attract a different market than the one that is coming now and that allows the town to continue growing.”

The mayor said: “This is very important news, it will probably be the largest investment to be made in the town, which will generate quality employment. We are talking about an investment of many millions.” Fernández also highlighted that the disused El Castillo and its surroundings would see a great revamp.

Ronda has spent years trying to attract a five-star hotel investment, as a new incentive for its tourism industry. There have been several attempts that have not been successful and different investors have been interested in this same property without those aspirations coming to fruition.

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