The new bus station takes shape. V. M.
Ronda earmarks 1.9 million in its 2024 budget to complete the troubled new bus station project

Ronda earmarks 1.9 million in its 2024 budget to complete the troubled new bus station project

Among other investments, another 1.36 million has been allocated for the second phase of the tourist walkway at the bottom of the town's famous gorge

Vanessa Melgar


Wednesday, 27 December 2023, 19:51


Ronda town hall has set aside 1.9 million euros in its 2024 budget to complete the new bus station, a project that is currently paralysed due to the financial problems of one of the companies awarded the contract and the complaint filed by the PSOE opposition party, arguing that the land on which it was built does not allow for such a facility. The council has resolved the contract in question and announced that it would tackle the project with its own funds.

The mayor, María de la Paz Fernández, and the councillor for finance, Ángel Martínez, presented the budget on Wednesday, which will be taken to the last plenary session of the year. It will definitely go ahead, as the ruling Partido Popular has an absolute majority.

The budget for 2024 is for a total of 36,863,034.90 euros, an amount that has increased by 4.47% compared to 2023. Among the investments, more than 12 million euros are planned and "aimed at improving the town neighbourhood by neighbourhood, creating jobs and maintaining and modernising the services we offer our residents", said Fernández.

This includes the construction of a semi-open car park in the San Francisco district for 6.3 million euros; the reform of Calle Real for 810,000 euros; the project to improve the Las Sindicales neighbourhood for 710,000 euros; the second phase of the Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo with the installation of the footbridge at the bottom of the gorge for 1.36 million; and the second phase of the development of the land of the old municipal swimming pool and the old football pitch, for 1.5 million.

Fernández highlighted the contribution of other administrations, such as the Diputación, to carry out some of these investments. There will also be 265,000 euros for the drafting of the urban planning document for the town, which is being renewed; almost 400,000 euros for the tendering of the urban transport service; and 70,000 euros for the municipalisation of the school transport service.

In 2024, some 1.3 million will be allocated for the home help service and 245,000 for aid to social groups.

The expenditure has grown by 4.47% "due especially to the increase in civil servants' salaries and also due to inflation which affects the payment for construction materials, fuel, energy and the payment of services and the increase in the cost of all supplies", explained Fernández, who added that "all municipalities are facing this situation, which in the last two years has been pressing and, moreover, we are facing a very unfair situation because we are underfunded, as the central government gives less funds than it should, taking into account that we are the administration closest to the people". Personnel costs will be allocated 7.24% more, around 19.6 million.

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