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Ronda campaign launched to oppose uncontrolled solar mega-park speculation

Ronda campaign launched to oppose uncontrolled solar mega-park speculation

The aim is to make more people aware of the negative impact of these installations on tourism, the environment and cultural heritage of the area

Vanessa Melgar


Tuesday, 12 April 2022, 19:07


Associations and members of the Platform for those Affected by the Solar Panel Projects in Ronda and the Serranía have begun a campaign to raise awareness of the problems associated with the effects of solar energy mega-parks.

By February, 23 projects had already been submitted to Ronda council for the installation of solar panel mega-parks and the equipment they need, such as pylons and high-voltage power lines, and one of them is compatible with the current Urban Plan for the municipality. The town hall has already asked the Junta de Andalucía and the government not to classify these as public utility installations without its consent.

The prospect of being surrounded by these mega-parks has caused major concern among local people and associations have been created to oppose the situation, not against renewable energies themselves but against the prospect of uncontrolled speculation. The reason there are so many applications to build these mega-parks is that European funds have been assigned to finance them.

The campaign organised by Alianza Energía y Territorio, which coordinates these groups, is called 'Renovables sí pero no así', meaning ‘Renewable energies, yes, but not like this’. It will include posters and flyers, with hyper-realistic photo montages of the Ronda gorge, the New Bridge and the bullring, among other emblems of the town.

They are also planning to spread the campaign via social media. “We will continue to plan actions and protests until society in Ronda and the Serranía region come together to oppose a common front which is not the public administrations but the companies listed on the IBEX 25. They have decided to make themselves richer despite the serious effects these pylons and solar panels will have on tourism, the environment and our cultural heritage,” they say.

Participating in this campaign are Ronda 2030, Silvema, Centro Andaluz, Caminos Públicos, the Tejares residents’ association and Montaña y Desarrollo.

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