The Arenal 2000 residential development where the police action took place. VANESSA MELGAR
More than one hundred car owners fined during blitz on 'illegal' parking in Ronda

More than one hundred car owners fined during blitz on 'illegal' parking in Ronda

The mass fines issued by Local Police came after a resident made an official complaint about the problem of vehicles being parked without a permit



Friday, 16 September 2022, 10:24


The Local Police in Ronda have issued fines to more than 100 vehicle owners on the Arenal 2000 residential development in the town for illegal parking after a loca resident highlighted the problem in August.

The cars were parked on a public street which has licenced parking bays. The 80-euro fines handed out by the police will be halved for those who can produce their parking permit – as many of the penalised car owners failed to display their permit as required.

One shocked neighbour complained that the police “have been going crazy with fines”. The situation has generated a lot of controversy. Mayor of Ronda, María de la Paz Fernández, announced that she will hold a meeting with the affected residents, who she has sent a letter to.

“We all woke up with the news of a police action that has left many with fines in resident," said the mayor who spoke of the “unusual and unexpected” situation and asked for “calm” as the town hall deals with the situation and a review of each of the cases.

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