The new fast road will follow the route of the existing one. / V.M.

A new Malaga-Ronda-Campillos highway would most likely follow the same route as the existing road

The Junta de Andalucía has ruled out another option which would affect the Sierra de las Nieves National Park and says this one is the most logical due to the complicated terrain in the area


The Andalusian government’s delegate in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, visited Ronda recently to discuss the plans for the new Malaga-Ronda-Campillos highway and other matters with the town council.

She said the study into the viability and environmental impact of the project, which is costing around 200,000 euros, should be completed by the end of the year and it has suggested three routes. One has been discounted because it would affect the Sierra de las Nieves National Park and of the other two, the Junta thinks the one which follows the current A-367 road would be most logical because of the complicated terrain in the area.

Navarro explained that work is being done at the same time on another project relating to the dual carriageway, namely the first stretch which would mean continuing the Guadalhorce dual carriageway as far as Ardales. She said the plan is to allocate funds for this in 2023.

On the subject of roads, she also said there are plans to create lanes for slow-moving traffic on some stretches of the twisting, mountain road between Ronda and San Pedro, on the coast.

At the meeting, Navarro and the mayor of Ronda, María de la Paz Fernández, also discussed the extension to the Ronda Sur health centre, the creation of a heliport at the hospital and the future of the old hospital building. Navarro also confirmed that progress is being made on the project for new social housing in La Dehesa district and the contract will be put to tender once the plans are completed.