The state of the building, after the fire VM

Endesa accused of sending electricity bills to man forced from his home by major blaze in Ronda

Avelino Écija says has requested for his supply to be disconnected up to four times, but apparently without success as the demands from the energy giant keep coming



Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 15:41


Avelino Écija, one of the Ronda residents affected by the huge fire at the Pepita Flores apartment block last August, has claimed that he continues to receive electricity bills from the energy company Endesa and, despite four attempts to cancel the service, he still receives demands for the service.

“There are no meters; they are burnt and yet the bills keep coming. I received one, from August and September, which I paid; then another two and now, again, two in February” he explained.

Écija has blocked his direct debit and has gone to Junta de Andalucía's Consumo Responde department, to file a claim against the Spanish energy giant.

He says that he has requested to be disconnected up to four times, apparently without success, and insists that "it is no longer a question of money and it is a nightmare situation. Whose hands are we in, are we in the hands of robots that answer you by phone? We are dealing with soulless robots."

Écija said that other neighbours are in the same situation and they have also complained to the Junta.

It was August 2022 when the building caught fire; it is thought it orignated from an electrical box in retail premises on the ground floor of the apartment block. The structure of the building survived, so demolition was not necessary. However, a large amount of the building was charred and during the fire, the adjoining apartment blocks had to be evacuated. It is expected residents will be able to return in September.

SUR has contacted Endesa for comment.


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