The blaze broke out at the shop in Calle Lauría. sur

Three apartment blocks evacuated due to major fire at a Chinese store in Ronda

Firefighters were deployed from four different stations to battle the blaze and three needed hospital treatment for smoke inhalation



Friday, 26 August 2022, 10:43

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The residents of three apartment blocks in Ronda town centre were evacuated as a precautionary measure on Thursday evening, when a fire broke out in a Chinese bazaar at around 7pm.

The emergency services received around 15 calls from people reporting the fire at the store in Calle Lauría. Firefighters from Ronda, Algatocín, Campillos and Antequera were deployed to the scene, and three were later taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation.

Two women, aged 75 and 51, were also taken to the Serranía de Ronda hospital for treatment.

The flames were brought under control close to midnight, but the blaze has not yet been fully extiguished.

Municipal architects are checking the safety of buildings in the vicinity and some residents have been accommodated in local hotels until they can return to their homes.

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