The women of the La Alegría Pujerreña association created this original crochet decoration. J.A.
Discover the Malaga province village where the streets are decorated with crochet and the plant pots have legs
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Discover the Malaga province village where the streets are decorated with crochet and the plant pots have legs

The 'pueblo blanco' in the Serranía de Ronda's Genal valley is also revitalising its streets with a number of giant sculptures by the Galician artist Ricardo Dávila

Javier Almellones


Sunday, 10 December 2023

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On 29 November the first of the sculptures that the Galician artist Ricardo Dávila is going to install in the town of Pujerra was inaugurated. It is a creative project that will further enhance this Genal valley village.

These creations, which are striking for their size (around three metres in length), are made of wood and cork. The first of these works already stands between two palm trees located on one of the main streets. The rest will be placed in the coming months in other emblematic sites of this mountain village in the Serranía de Ronda.

But these Dávila sculptures are not the only incentives to visit. Another good reason is the crochet decorations, hung in June during the San Antonio festivities, which give striking colour to the streets and squares. These are made by the women of the local La Alegría Pujerreña association who have invested many hours to make these artisan creations.

The village is also full of unusual colourful pots that contrast with the white buildings. Oddly, some of the pots have trousers and legs!

Flower pots with legs. J. Almellones

In addition to taking a quiet walk through its streets, some interesting places to visit await, such as the chestnut museum (Museo de la Castaña). However, this is not always open to the public. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Pujerra town hall in advance to request access. At this thematic museum the visitor can better learn about the history of the Pujerra chestnut tree and, by extension, the entire Genal valley region.

Not far from there, in one of its small squares, King Wamba's bust awaits. There is a legend that justifies the presence of this statue of one of the last Visigoth kings in the Iberian Peninsula. According to the tale handed down, this man had a humble life as a farmer in a nearby village. He ignored his lineage and did not give credit to an emissary who arrived requesting him to occupy the throne. The young farmer said he would be king if the hoe he was working with bloomed with flowers. Amazingly, this happened and the young Wamba fulfilled his promise.

You should not leave Pujerra without trying some of the local produce. In addition to being able to buy some chestnuts, it is highly recommended to stop by the San Antonio workshop, which also serves as a bar, to buy bread. The mollete 'bap' is a speciality.

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