File image of people braving the rain in Malaga centre recently. Marilú Báez
Risk of downpours this weekend in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol: where and when will they be most likely?

Risk of downpours this weekend in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol: where and when will they be most likely?

A yellow risk weather warning is in place from 12 o'clock this Friday night as heavy rain and even thunderstorms are forecast across many areas of the province

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 26 May 2023, 14:14


It is going to be a wet weekend across Malaga province this weekend, which will hopefully help fill the area's reservoirs that are at dangerously low levels.

Aemet's weather centre in the city has forecast rain and possible thunderstorms across large areas, although it is still uncertain exactly where the most-affected will be. "The forecast is very complicated, it is difficult to know where the most notable downpours are going to occur," Jesús Riesco, director of Aemet in Malaga, said.

The heaviest rainfall is expected from tonight and a yellow risk warning has been activated for storms throughout the province, from midnight on Friday, 26 May until 9am on Saturday.

"Depending on its width, the storm could affect almost the entire province, although it will do so more intensely wherever it passes,” Riesco said. Some forecasts suggest that, this time, the accumulated rainfall could be higher in the province's reservoirs.

"It could reach the reservoirs or just skim over them. It is not possible to assess quantities, only that the rains may be locally heavy and accompanied by storms; it is a potentially dangerous situation due to intense discharges and strong winds in the early hours of the morning,” Riesco added.

Election day

On Sunday, local elections day in Spain, the instability will continue, but less severe with some heavy showers. It will rain less in Malaga city, and the scattered showers will occur mainly in inland areas, without totally ruling out some on the coast.

José Luis Escudero, author of the weather blog, Storms and Lighting Rayos, also forecast that it will likely rain from Friday night until noon on Saturday.

"There is a line of instability created by the retrograde Dana (isolated depression at a high altitude) located to the west of Portugal, which will affect Malaga, although there is a great deal of disparity in the models regarding the possible amounts of rain,” he said.

The weather expert expected a lot of rain to fall in the Axarquía area, which would be beneficial for the reservoir of La Viñuela, which is almost empty.

Aemet forecasts that next week, when the month of June begins, the weather will continue to be cooler and wetter than normal in Malaga, with possible showers, generally light, and maximum temperatures around 23-25C.

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