Emergency services recover body of man from Malaga reservoir

112 Andalucía sent rescue services to the scene after receiving a call from a member of the public at around 12.35pm this Friday, 28 October


The body of a man has been recovered from the Agujero reservoir in Malaga, near the MA-3101 road, just after noon this Friday, 28 October.

112 Andalucía reports that, at around 12.35pm the emergency services control room received a call from a member of the public saying they had seen the body of a lifeless person in the reservoir.

The 112 emergency hotline alerted the Malaga provincial fire brigade, Guardia Civil, ambulance service, National and Local police forces, as well as the Junta's Plan Infoca brigade.

Firefighters have confirmed to 112 that they have recovered the body of a male, about which no more information is known. No further information has either emerged on how the person lost his life.