Rain set to return to Spain this weekend: this is how a new storm will affect Malaga province and the Costa del Sol

Rain set to return to Spain this weekend: this is how a new storm will affect Malaga province and the Costa del Sol

The passage of a front will bring rainfall and a drop in temperatures to almost all of Andalucía, according to state weather agency Aemet

Almudena Nogués


Thursday, 25 April 2024, 20:55


The weather this April will continue to be unstable in Spain with new meteorological ups and downs. In Malaga province this Thursday (25 April), the day has been marked by warm spring terral wind which, in inland areas such as the Guadalhorce valley, where up to 29C was expected in municipalities such as Pizarra. "Today we reached 25 degrees in Malaga city and in other areas of the province the highs ranged between 21 and 26C," according to local weather expert José Luis Escudero, head of the SUR blogStorms and Lightning.

Another twist in the script will come on Saturday after a Friday in which the highlight will be the wind, with gusts of 25 kilometres per hour in the Malaga city. "The passage of a front this weekend will leave rain in almost all of Andalucía and a drop in temperatures," Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) has warned.

"An Atlantic storm will leave rains all over the country at the end of the week," said Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo. "Friday will begin with instability and probable rainfall in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Showers are also possible in the Cantabrian Sea, the Upper Ebro, Castile and Leon and in the area around the Central System," he added.

But it will only be an appetiser. On Saturday, the situation will become more complicated and could extend to more areas of the Spanish mainland. "On that day, rain will be likely in the form of showers in large areas of the country, especially around the Pyrenees, Cantabrian Mountains, northern Castile and Leon, around the Central System and the Strait Area, where they are more likely to be intense," Del Campo predicted.

In the case of Malaga, the highest percentages of rain - 100% between midnight on Friday and 12 noon on Saturday - will be recorded for the moment according to the Aemet forecast in inland municipalities such as Ronda, Antequera and the Guadalhorce valley area and also along the entire western coastal strip, from Torremolinos to Estepona.

In Malaga city the probability of having to open umbrellas due to the passage of a cold front is 90%. From midday onwards, however, the possibility of showers in general in the province as a whole will be reduced to 20-55% depending on the area.

On Saturday the state Met Office forecasts "cloudy skies in Andalucía, with weak to moderate rainfall extending from west to east, with precipitation easing and clearing up throughout the day". In addition, a strong west wind is expected on the Almeria coast, "with occasional very strong gusts".

What about Sunday?

The weather forecast remains unstable. "We will continue to be under the influence of low pressure in the north of the Spanish mainland. In the afternoon there may be some showers in the interior of Malaga province, the typical spring showers which will be due to the cold air at high altitude. In Malaga city and coastal areas the probability is low," said José Luis Escudero. Aemet limits the possibility of rain to 30%. The temperature will range between 13-15C minimum and 22 degrees maximum.

"It is likely that the storm will move away on Sunday towards the British Isles, although the weather will remain uncertain," summarised Aemet. In Andalucía, the forecast points to a predominance of cloudy skies, "with scattered showers, more likely and intense during the afternoon, in the eastern mountain ranges and the far west, where they may be accompanied by storms and hail". Light to moderate westerly winds will blow, "with intervals of strong westerly winds on the Mediterranean coast".

Looking ahead to Monday, Aemet's spokesperson has warned that instability is likely to continue in the Mediterranean area. Specifically, it will mainly affect Catalonia, where rain could also be recorded, as well as other areas in the east of the Spanish mainland. On the other hand, a new front could arrive on Tuesday from the northwest, with temperatures that will generally be higher at the beginning of the week. In Malaga, Aemet does not rule out showers until at least next Wednesday. We will have to wait for the weather models to fine-tune the forecast, it is still too early.

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