Passengers at Malaga's María Zambrano station. ñito salas
Malaga trains hit by today's rail union strike which is to be repeated on Friday

Malaga trains hit by today's rail union strike which is to be repeated on Friday

Minimum services have been established on the Costa del Sol but the CGT claims the protest action will still have a strong impact

Ignacio Lillo


Monday, 7 November 2022, 12:14


Members of the CGT union at Spain's Renfe train operating company are on strike today, Monday 7 November, and only minimum services are running. Trains on local and medium-distance lines may be affected as well as the high-speed AVE and Avant services. The protest, which began at midnight and is due to continue until 11pm, will be repeated on Friday.

The minimum services established by the Ministry of Transport mean that 75% of trains on local lines must run during peak hours and 50% for the rest of the day, while on medium-distance and Avant trains 65% of normal services must go ahead as usual. For high-speed and long-distance services the minimum service is 72%, and it has been set at 25% for freight trains.

Lost purchasing power is one of the reasons

The CGT has called the strike to demand the recovery of lost purchasing power, an end to professional discrimination, more staff and to defend the railway system “in a situation of global climate change,” said Miguel Montenegro, the general secretary of the union in Andalucía.

The CGT is critical of the UGT and CCOO unions who, it says, along with the engine drivers syndicate, signed an agreement with Renfe on Friday which will mean that “in 2022 and 2023 we will lose around 8% of our income level”.

It also says the minimum services are “totally abusive, and restrict the workers’ fundamental right to strike”. However, Montenegro said the action will still have a strong impact because of the number of local and medium-distance services which will be affected.


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