Prices rises have rocketed in the last year by 12.93%. / SUR

Food prices in Malaga province have risen more than at any time in the last 20 years

Inflation in this area stands well above the national average as newly released data shows


Inflation across Malaga province has rocketed in the last year by 12.93%, while the national average stands at 12.63%, as shown in the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) published this Friday, 13 January, by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). This equates to the largest increase in prices of food and drink in two decades.

Data for the month of December from the CPI show a huge jump in food costs of 17.7%, well above the national average of 15.9%.

Unfortunately, the rise in food prices has dwarfed the relief in prices in other bills such as a 21.6% drop in Malaga province for electricity, gas and other fuels. Water bills, and those of other household supplies, have declined by 0.6%.

Household expenditure continues to make its mark on the Malaga inflation picture. Here, December rises in the price of household textiles (16.7%), maintenance and repairs to the property (14.4%), furniture and accessories (13.2%) are particularly alarming.

Also, for the same month, the average increase in the price of rents is 2.4% for Malaga compared to December 2021, above the national average of 1.9%.