The gang are accused of identity theft, among other crimes. / guardia civil

Police smash gang in Malaga town popular with expats that was sending drugs to UK

The group specialised in making false bottoms for shipping containers. The leader is reportedly wanted by the courts in the United Kingdom and has a long police record


Officers from Spain's Guardia Civil police force have arrested six people who were experts at hiding huge amounts of drugs to be sent to other countries in Europe, and especially the UK.

They even possessed a scanner like the ones used by airport security to check whether the drugs which they hid in the false bases of maritime containers might be detected anywhere in transit.

The gang members are accused of membership of a criminal gang, drug trafficking, falsifying documentation and identity theft. One was carrying more than 150,000 euros in cash and fake documentation when he was caught.

Alhaurín de la Torre

The group were based at a property in Alhaurín de la Torre, where they are said to have modified containers which are used for transport by ship to create a false bottom in which the drugs could be hidden.

They would then take the containers with the drugs inside to a warehouse on the Guadalhorce industrial estate and load them into a lorry. They were then transported to the UK by sea.

A search of the premises revealed materials and equipment for creating the false bottoms in the containers, which the gang also used on mattresses and suitcases. That is also where they were keeping the scanner.

Marijuana plantation

Altogether the Guardia Civil seized 900 kilos of hashish, over 40 kilos of marijuana buds and 13 vehicles and closed down an indoor marijuana plantation containing over 1,700 plants.

The gang leader is reportedly wanted by the courts in the UK and has a long police record for similar offences.