The animals were kept in deplorable conditions sur
Police investigate an Archidona man with 11 dogs for animal cruelty

Police investigate an Archidona man with 11 dogs for animal cruelty

The animals had hardly any food or water and were living in filthy conditions, attached to short chains. The Guardia Civil were tipped off by an anonymous phone call

Álvaro Frías / Juan Cano


Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 14:04


The Guardia Civil have opened an animal cruelty investigation into a man from Archidona who was keeping 11 dogs in deplorable conditions. They were kept on very short chains inside a makeshift kennel and were injured, barely fed and living in filthy, stinking conditions.

The police reacted after receiving an anonymous phone call in December, telling them about the situation. When they went to investigate they found a makeshift kennel on a piece of land in the countryside, where the dogs were living in unhygienic conditions amid their own urine and excrement and showing signs of malnutrition and physical weakness.

The officers also found the bodies of four other dogs nearby, in different stages of decomposition, and skulls and bones elsewhere on the land.

The dogs were removed to an animal shelter after receiving veterinary treatment and action is being taken against the owner.

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